Thursday, December 5, 2013

Challenger Learning Center

We just had a field trip to CLC and it was really fun. My job was Navigation team. My job was to land the spacecraft on the moon and then return back to Earth. My first job was to locate four tracking systems so the spacecraft wouldn't run into them while they were orbiting the Earth. Then I had to get the spacecrafts arch right so we could get into Lunar orbit. Next I had to select a landing site. I picked the lowland of the moon. My final job was to land the shuttle. My hand was steady and I nailed it!

One thing that I enjoyed is that I got to work with an awesome team and do a lot of math. Three things that I thought were difficult were that we argued a little bit. The second thing was that I could not get my computer to turn on. The last thing that I thought was difficult was that the handle was really slippery when I tried to land it. If I could go back I would use the robotic is a picture of what it was like:


  1. Hi Jake,
    That excursion sounds like a blast! You must have had lots of fun landing the shuttle. All that must sounds complicated! I wonder how hard will it be for a real worker.
    From a blogging buddy Kevin

  2. Hi Jake,

    That excusion suouds like a fantastic day for you. You must of had alot of fun there. Was your job fun to do? Or was it boring? Your final job sounds exciting. I think that your job is very hard

    From 56 marsden Mane